Problems with router


I have used several variants of kazaa lite for almost 2 years with fantastic download speeds and content.

However since I installed a netgear router (834G) kazaa seems stuck at 5kb/s

NAT is active on the router and I have tried to configure port forwarding but I do not get anymore performance, Incidentally I can receive data from kazaa whilst all the incoming ports are blocked!

Does anyone know how to make kazaa lite work with a router?

Many Thanks for your help


to to options>klite options>firewall>here you will find the port klite is using.

change that port to anything over 5000. lets say you chose 5001, now you need to forward port 5001 in both tcp and udp in the router.

once done with that you need to get “kanat” because with out kanat you can’t download from other behind a router and vise versa. (well you can but the odds are one in a million for each source, so you see what i mean :wink: )

i would give you a link for kanat but i guess they don’t like my links here, since they deleted 2 of my posts with edonkey lite links in them.

just google for kanat you can’t miss it.

let me know if you need anymore help or if you are not sure how to do it with your router.

my kazaa port is in the range of 5100-5300 (automatically put there by the program, lucky eh?)

I set up a rule in the routers firewall for port 5*** TCP/UDP and forwarded the traffic to the ip of the computer running kazaa but i get the same traffic with or without the rule there

I have KaNat also but it does not seem to help

do you have xp sp2??

yes i have XP SP2 but the firewall is off - I use the firewall in the router

ok then lets do a test please.

pause all downloads and uploads in klite.

do a search for the song called “right now” its by “van halen”

when you find the song, wait till it has over 40 sources then choose it for download.

go to traffic and tell me what was the highest speed you got and how fast it finished.

it took about 3 minutes 50 s with a download speed between 30 - 60 kb/s

-although this is better before i bought my router i could download at 230kb/s

I try to download files with 100+ users but I still would say my average was 15 kb/s

Is it normal for a router firewall with ‘block all incoming connections’ enabled to accept data?

Many thanks


you brobably have a rule in your firewall to allow traffic for that app. i’m realy not sure.

the test show that the problem is your files. they don’t have enough sources to upload to you.

First of all thanks for your help

My firewall is configured to block all incoming connections except kazaa

  • it is odd how much can get through!

Although I could download that file faster than my usual average I don’t think it is related to the number of sources because:

I am trying to download a movie with 220 users found with a 2 minute search and i can’t get more than 5kb/s at the time of writing.

The files I downloaded before my router was installed are now almost impossible to download even when there are 50+ users available

again, many thanks


yes well let me explain more then, lol,

what you see in the search window is not realy an indiation of who realy is available for connection.

all the search window does is show you a record of who is suppose to have that fine, but it does not show you who realy is available for connection.

in shor don’t belive anything you see in the search its not a good way of mesuring anything.

we have seen instences where a file had 1000 sources in the search window but not even one available source for connection.

i hope now you understand. the test showed that if connection is available then you can download it faster.

so the problem is not with you boss its the sources. they might even be the fake ones from the riaa, put there to discourage us from downloading. (as if that would stop us, lol)