Problems with Rose Red Disc 1 - Region 1 NTSC

Has anybody tried to back up this DVD? I’ve tried at least 10 times and get the exact same problem… the movie skips the first hour and 1/2 or so and then plays fine. By this I mean that it looks like you’re watching it on super fast forward where it’s skipping 10 - 20 minutes each time.

The same back up plays fine on my crappy Daewoo player.

Rose Red is a two disc movie… Disc 2 backed up fine. I ripped in File Mode with DVD Decrypter, then transcode in Movie-Only mode with DVD2One and then burn with Nero. No errors in any of the steps.

Media has been various - my old trusted Ritek DVD+R, DVD-On DVD-R, Sony DVD+RW, Pioneer DVD-RW, and DVD-Pro DVD-R. I’ve used the RW medias to test burn movies after wasting a few discs.

And it’s not Nero; I’ve successfully backed up over 300+ DVD’s by now and this one’s giving me problems. Suggestions?

Rose Red region 2 did go fine without any problem.