Problems with Ritek GO5's, please help

Hi im using ritek GO5 disks on a 2:0:0 - LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S BPSA [E] (Ide) burner.Whenever i burn a disc they come out faulty, aroung 3/4 of the way through the film it starts to skip and go weird and wont play anymore, this is really annoying me.Does anyone have a solution for this so when i burn the discs play fine?


Nothing new G05 are crap doscs. Search using the G05 and you will see the many complaints about them.

Though saying that, generally they do great inital burns and the failiure you mention happens over time due to the fast degredation. Therefore more info on the software and setting should halp to trace f the problem is with what you are doing.

Im using 1 click dvd, i heard that aburn strategy with some firmware may fix this, am i correct?

Nope… ritek dvd disks are just bad quality, they are one of the worst disks on the market. Try to get hold of some verbatims, or ty disks, as the disks you burn to riteks will fail within a month of burning.

What so i cant do anything to make these work?

Not really, the disks are just bad, they will work for the first few weeks, but stop working all together soon after.

Haveacigar is 100% correct. If you do a forum search you will find many on this forum lamenting the quality of Ritek G05s. Ritek used to make good stuff but many debate whether is true anymore. Buy some known-brand media and try again. Also, try burning at a lower speed (4x) and turn-off any unnecessary software running in the background during a burn.

The most liklly cause is defanatlly the ritek disks. Since you have a liteon drive you can error scan your burned disks and verify if that is the problem.
with liteon drives you can use kprobe
or cdspeed
more people probably use cdspeed as it works with many drives while kprobe was written specifically for liteons. Either does the same job. Select 4x for the scanning speed using a liteon.

Get those discs transferred fast before you loose any ability to copy. Mine started to die after 2 months and were gone in 4.

i did a scan in kprobe, these were the results

what do these results show?

what does transferred mean?

Yup… some of my picture dvds began to glitch when i was using riteks, ended up having to copy with clonecd, and even then some of the pictures were messed up :sad:

Copy the data or video to TY or MCC discs or to your HD.

transfered means move something to another, so in this context, he means move the data from one disk to another :wink:

stroppy, have and ripit, not disputing poor quality I have said so myself, but with G05s it doesn’t showright away, their problem is fast degredation. All my G05s, before I knew about this site, worked perfectly after the burn as time went on they got worse.

As the faults seems to be in the same place that is not indicative of the media, this reads to me as something to do with settings. It is the only time I have seen a fault appear in the same place on each disc regardless of brand, from personal experience when doing things for family.

Though scans of different discs will help. Also try a different media to see if it still happens.

ok, what are the absolute best dvd rs to buy, i mean what gives best quality and wil never stop working?

Agreed, the Riteks scan and play beautifully when first burned…the deterioration is usually from weeks to months afterwards.

I’d guess something else, although Ritek is definitely media to steer clear of, at least DVD-wise, their CDRs are very good.

can anyone confer that my scan results shew that the riteks are bad?

It’s impossible to tell a DVD brand/manufacturer that will “never stop working”, but your best bet is Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden-made discs (either unbranded Taiyo Yuden, or under various brands - Verbatim, or Plextor etc).

Sure… just upload the pics on the server… if you can