Problems with Ritek G05!Help!

I burnt the GTA:SA of PS2 in a RITEK G05 in 2x but I am having problems with loadings, disc read error, graphical glitches… I always used this midia and I never had problems, that he can be the speed? if it records in 4x, 8x decides this will resolve??

in a midia Taiyo Yuden(TYG01) burned in 2x, I had no problem all perfect one!


in a RITEK G04 in 2x , no problems , no glitches , no big loadings !

the Ritek G05! sux!

You might want to specify which burner and firmware you are using. Also it is no secret that Taiyo Yuden is the better media. In addition, it isn’t unheard of for Ritek media to not work properly unless burned at max speed. Give 4x or 8x a shot and see what happens.

G05 seems to burn much worse on older burners (lower than 16/12x). Although it burns terribly @ 8x on my nec2510 , it burns very well at 4x for me. What burner are you using?

i using NEC3500 firmware 2C8 with DVD DECRYPTER, in the ritek G04 burned in 2x or 4x its perfect but in a G05 burned in 2x have many problems, loadings, disc erros…!

the ritek G04 its very better than a aG05!

It burns best at 6x on my 2510 - give it a try!

I know it is a bit late but IMHO there is such a small price difference between Ritek and Taiyo Yuden now that it isn’t worth bothering with them anymore. I think the total cost difference between the G05 Riteks and the 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs is about $4-$5 per 50 pack.

It depends where you live…:slight_smile:
In Canada, the difference is 14$CA (printable) and 18$CA (regular silver top) per 50 pack. It represents roughly 11 - 14 US$.

Have you tried your G05 at 6x or 8x?
I am curious to see the results.

i burn in 4x and everything its ok! huaheuaehuaehaueh!


The PI is lower on my g04/05’s than they are on my TY. But not by a great deal. I just get whichever is cheaper :smiley:

And here in australia I can get g04 50 packs for 35 bucks which is a GREAT DEAL :iagree:

My Ritek G05s burn best at 8x on a Sony 700UL with an average PI of 5 and a PIF of .02. Occasionally, there’s a PI spike in the mid-teens, but nothing major. I’m using the latest firmware with a strategy switch to the CodeMaster’s recommended settings.

This media doesn’t not like being underburned. I saw my numbers jump up to the 100s when I underburned at 4x.