Problems with ripping 165H6S

For some reason I am having problems with my Litey.

When I use Nero Recode, when I’m ripping on some DVD’s I get an error message "Failed to read from the file VTS_01_0.VOB.

When I use my BENQ 1655 I do not get this error message
When I use DVD Decrypter I do not get this problem with my Litey.

I have ANYDVD ( and when I try to rip DVD to hard drive using ANYDVD Sometimes I also get the same error message.

So I have resorted to using my BenQ.

Any suggestions?

Get rid of anydvd and get DVDRegionfree+CSS.

I don’t think the issue is anydvd because my BenQ is ok, I think the problem is the litey.

Any idea???