Problems with ripit4me

I am having a hard time backing up my copy of Saw 3. I usually don’t have any problems with this program. I am running all the latest versions of ripit4me, dvd decryptor, dvd shrink, and fixvts. The problem is when it is still running in the dvd decryptor stage. It is telling me I have an I\O read error.
I remember quite some time ago when I very first installed this program I was having similar problems and somebody on this site helped walk me through a step to change something in the program from a number 1 to a number 0(or maybe vise versa) I had a computer crash and had to reinstall this program. I believe I will have to change this value again. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

i have already mentioned this app many times already but try once again dvd fab express its free. whenver dvd decrypter failed i use it in fact i only use this app now

I’ll transfer this question to the Copy DVD forum, where there are many knowledgeable people who can help with the details about RipIt4Me, and particularly using it with ‘Saw III’.

Please let’s keep on topic. The original question is about RipIt4Me so immediately listing alternative applications in a second post is not particularly helpful.

Read this:
Latest vers of Ri4me should do this movie.
Also, you may wont to post your prob on the above linked forum, as it is the primary support site for Ri4m.

I think you are referring to this post: Anyway, the suggestion is obsolete now with the latest version: FAQ 24. For your I/O error, read the FAQ 27 and 29. In other words, make sure you set the RipIt4Me and DVD Decrypter settings at default, and no other program, e.g. AnyDVD, accesses the DVD at the same time.

not absolutely sure this is a ripit4me problem, but twice now when ripping a foreign movie, the resulting burn (after dvd decrypter and dvd shrink) plays the movie with a running commentary. i cannot seem to stope the commentary and cannot play the movie without it