Problems With Rimage Everest getting consistent colour

i have just entered the world of thermal disc printing, always been an advocate of inkjet, but anyway, i now have a Rimage Everest which i have up and running, its an Everest 1 and its done 190k discs!

The first job i am processing is mainly a royal blue colour with reversed out white text, so about 95% blue coverage.

The blue varies a lot in shades across the discs, its always lighter in the same area’s on each disc.

I would like to resolve this issue so i am churning out perfect discs every time, i wonder if this could be either the print head or maybe something to do with the heat element/bulb, maybe its not warm enough and needs replacing ?!?!

Any Rimage repair specialists know what might fix my problem?

All Everests have been plagued by some level of color variances. As each round of Everests have come out, they’ve gotten quite a bit better and the latest printers are actually quite good with only the pickiest of people noticing. The Everest I was the one most affected by the printers inability to control the internal heat of the printer leading to hotter and cooler bulb temperatures throughout the course of operation. This is very common on the first couple discs as the printer comes up to temperature after going into power-saving mode (turns off the heating element) - but this can be disabled if it becomes an issue.

In terms of the disc fading through out the course of the disc itself, I have seen this from a bad lot of ribbons where the ink density wasn’t consistent across the ribbon surface. There is a tiny bit of temperature difference because of when the printer drawer opens and places a disc in the printer, especially if the discs are of a significantly different temperature (say 50 degrees F).

Have you tried using another ribbon lot or tilting the image 90 degrees to see if the banding changes?

I was one of the first people to buy a Rimage Everest I printer about a decade ago. The original units were recalled back almost immediately for a free heater element replacement. Everest II came out and it was improved a lot. Everest III even better. I’ve owned new ones each time. Everest 600 is even better. Teac P-55 is probably the best for color matching and consistency. This printing technology in general is going to be difficult to color match, but the newer the printer model the better. Good luck!