Problems with reading cd discs?help!

I have a Pioneer DVD-R dvr 105 recorder. It records dvd. music cd. data cd.
my problem is when I try to open a recorded DATA disc It opens blank, with no bytes blank screen . I know there is data on the disc 1. I can see the recording tracks . 2/. I can open it with iso buster and view the recorded tracks. I can put the same disc into my sony dvd rom and it to will not open it . I cannot open the disc on my computer at work either. I have tried different types of blank discs 52x hi speed generic / and tdk brands . I have no trouble recording the same data to a dvd disc. it opens as well. Just the cd disc with data files are a problem. I use nero / veritas / or windows send to the burner drive. all have the same result …cannot open it. help???/ anyone

Any packet writing software installed?
If so disable it.
Windows XP built in IMAPI burning software running?
Try disabling it.
Also, make sure that you are finalizing the CDs. (no multisession)