Problems with RAW-DAO / RAW-SAO compatibility



Hey everyone - i'm new to this forum and new to burners gasp so pls try your hardest not to flame me.

A mate of mine was recently trying to put Disc 1 of AvP2 onto a CD using Clone CD, with his 2 year old Sony CD Burner (Sorry, don't know model number).

It won't allow him to do this as it says in his device summary that it is not RAW-SAO compatible, and not RAW-DAO compatible. Im just learning all this stuff so I looked up the RAW info today and how it all works, Im just wondering - is it a problem that everyone has; ie... do you have to get a top of the line CD Burner to support these writing formats? Or If I buy a new computer, will the burner that comes with it (probably) have a burner that supports this.

If not, is there a way around it; eg downloading a program to allow your burner to support this.

Thanks in advance for your help. :smiley:


If it doesn’t supports RAW writing then it DOESN’T! Unfortunately you can’t do anything about that… Buying a new recorder will solve this (the computer has nothing to do with this…)


A lite-on for example can do raw reading/writing, can do the 96 subchannels and can do AWS.
That is why it can back-up the latest copy protections.(dta, it os not that good in protected audio)

So if you want a new burner buy a Lite-on.


Then again your friend can buy an 32x Artec. It does what an Lite-on does (I’m not doubting Lite-on, I think that Lite-on rocks…) and it is a lot cheaper. You can see a review here. While the Lite-on 40x has an average burn of 30x the 32x Artec has an average of 27x!!! The only problem is that it doesn’t support correct EFM :frowning: … But there is always BetaBlocker.


cheers for your help - Im getting a new computer shortly with a Sony CDRW (40X24X10) / Lite-On (48X40X12) … so that should be sweet, yeah? :confused:


Originally posted by damiandimitri
A lite-on for example can do raw reading/writing, can do the 96 subchannels and can do AWS.

You probably meant it can do correct EFM encoding right? Lite-ons don’t need to do AWS :wink:


As far as RAW capabilities of burners is concerned, nope you can not make a raw non-capable burner burn in raw (hardware related). All you can do is buy a new burner.
And no, it is not obligatory that the burner that comes with a new pc will do raw. Although most of the burners that are out in the market can do raw these days, some don’t while others can burn only in raw-sao and not dao (which is prefered when trying to back up protected games). Going for an asus, lite-on, teac or plextor drive would be my advice (preferably with that order).


yes sorry…