Problems with QSI DVDRW SDW-042



In my Packard Bell laptop i have a QSI DVDRW SDW-042. I have had many problems with burning on the drive but now the drive won’t read any CDs or DVDs at all. There is no ‘error reading’ message. Simply when i click on the drive in my computer, it opens but displays nothing, regardless of the CD entered. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it. That failed to work, so i tried to update the driver but i have the latest one off the internet. Therefore, im stuck and badly need help asap as to any other options beyond either buying a new drive or reinstalling XP.
Please help,


what do you mean driver? there are no drivers for optical drives for windows because it have its own generic ones

in device manager expand “ide/ata atapi controllers” and remove the ide channel the drive is on and restart see if it helps,if you dont know on which ide channel its on then run nero info tool and get into the “configuration” tab