Problems with PZ-716sa

Hey guys, first time post, did some searching around, decided to make a thread.

I just bought my drive not too long ago, hadnt burned any CDs/DVDs with it till today. It works fine when just being used as a drive, but when burning today, I kept getting failures. In Nero, I am getting “Invalid field in command” and something similar in PlexTools.

I uninstalled the drivers on it and downloaded your latest firmware upgrade for it and restarted. I have tried writiing at lower speeds and with diffrent CDs. Ive gone through a dozen CDs already, and nothing. I know the drive works because ive been using it for awhile, but while trying to burn, I keep getting errors. I need to know what “invalid field in command” means, and what I can do to fix it. Or, do I have a defective drive.

Windows XP
MSI K8N Neo2 board
Plextor PX-716SA
2gigs DDR Memory

I sent them an email and they told me to do a self test, and it is explained in the user guide. Well, I cant find it at the moment, I think its at my parent’s house, and I couldnt find their manual online. So, any ideas on how to fix this, and how to do the self test on this perticular drive?

Also, I thought MAYBE… it was the media I was using, its those cheap TDK costco CDs, but I didnt think itd matter soooo much.

Hi Kesepton and welcome to CDFreaks. For the self test you can go here in the Plextor Forum Faqs. For the Invalid field command you could try updating your nVidia IDE drivers to the latest drivers available or roll back your nVidia drivers to STD MS Drivers Here is how. Some older nVidia IDE drivers caused issues with optical drives but the newer divers seem to work much better. Also try a different media to rule out the TDK media. Let us know. :slight_smile: