Problems with PX-W4012TA

I once already started such a thread…
From the beggining I’m curious about my plextor’s writting quality, but I hadn’t a solid proof. Today I finnaly found some TY
media (TDK ReflexU 24x). I made an audio
cd and 3 data cd’s. I was checking errors
with my plex and Scandisk. My audio Cd had 0.30% of damaged sectors (16x NeroBurningRom). First Data CD had 1.00% of damaged sectors (24x CDMate). Then I fought something is really wrong, because it’s a combination of TY and Plextor. I then tried CloneCD and 24x.
Both Data CD’s were perfect. What’s this all about ? What does this sudden change mean ?

P.S. All TY’s are making much noise then inserted in to cd drive. Is this okay ?

Damaged sectors can still be read ok by the drive and aren’t a problem. Read this thread for instance on a similar question. It could just be that with a newer firmware (which version are you using) the drive won’t even report the damaged sectors at all. Taiyo Yuden are quality media and should work ok with your Plextor drive. I have some here and they work great with my Plextor PX-W4012TA and TU drives…

I know damaged sectors can be read, but
since it was TY and Plextor I should get perfect copies, but… I’m using 1.02 firmware which is the latest I pressume.