Problems with PX-755 and Q-Check!

I am using a PX-755 and Plextools Pro XL 3.07.
When I start the Q-Check FE/TE Test it immediately shows me that the media in drive could be burned with highest speed, even without doing a check - this is odd.
When I click on the “Start Test” button a second time, the drive starts to read but it never stops! The Plextools Window does not change it indicates “Ready”.
I could not stop the drive reading, not by quitting Plextools nore by pressing eject - so I have to reboot :confused:
And sometimes the PI/PO test cancels during checking…

Is it a bug in Plextools?
Does anybody have the same problems?

Does it show an error message when it cancels a PI/PO test?

Sounds like new Plextor read command authentification fails from time to time … ^^

Yes it shows an error when PI/PO cancels, but it only happens from time to time I can not reproduce it now, the last two scans were without error.
But what is much confusing to me is the FE/TE test, because I want to know wich media I should use.

@JeanLuc: What exactly is a command authentification?

Ok - I had the error again - see screenshot below!

What motherboard/chipset are you using and are you having installed any vendor-specific ide drivers? Are you using long ide cables or round ones?


Though that is certainly not the issue here, either your discs are b0rked, or your drive is b0rked

I am using a Intel I850E Chipset for the three internal opticals and and a Promise RAID Controller (onboard) for the HDD’s.
For the Intel I did not install any driver, even not the IAA (Intel Aplication Accelerator).
But I use round cables.
Does it make any differnce - It’s the same wires like other cables, only closer togehter?

Or both. :slight_smile:

What media is that ? Looking at that graph tells me this won’t be my favorite writer… :eek:

regards, Stephen

pS: what could one expect for that sum that Plextor charges for their sw ? I wonder that the sw starts at all. :Z Maybe for a premium price one could get a sw version that will scan without cancelling. :slight_smile: I gave up playing with different Plextools versions, yet to see a really working one. I’ve been using Alex’s tool which never let me down.

The media is a “Verbatim 16x DVD-R (MCC 03RG20)” @ 16x
due to This Test it should be the best one for the PX-755.
I also burned it @12x but the Testgraph is not as good as the one from the
test in that article @16x.

p.s. You are not able to use other software instead Plextools with the new Plextor drives, because of command authentification.

That is exactly why I do not touch any Plextor product anymore. :flower:

“Great” to see how that drive handles the Verbatim media… Maybe Verbatim is not that quality for Plextor. I suppose the drive is a dud one, by the way.

regards, Stephen

pS: though I am sure there will be a method to bypass that protection… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried the new AutoStrategy modes with these discs? From what I’ve seen, it can make a big difference.

I don’t know what changes in AS have to be made to get a good result, I never touched these functions.
When I open the AS window it showes me a stretegy for the verbatim media I used - does this mean it is a strategy from the firmware or does this mean there was no strategy before, so AS generated a new one?

I found out, that wehen I turn AS off the result is much better!

Would you post a scan ? Just to see the difference. The one you posted about AS on made me worry a bit. :frowning:

thanks, regards Stephen