Problems with Px-716A Need Help

HI everyone… two days ago i have formated my pc. Before formating my plextor was nice and working well. Now i put a DVD Movie in the drive, i have to wait one minute to open the dvd folder and the movie is always stoping just like a video streaming from the web. With data dvds i cant run the .exe files in the dvd and a error message appears saying that is not possible to do the operation because a E/S error from device! I dont know how can i fix this… Thx

Pc: P4 prescott 3.4ghz / 2gb DDRII / mother MSI 925xe Neo

What software was installed after you formatted? Chances are there is some software conflict. Try with startup items off, disable or uninstall any other DLA or recording software.

Are you running the latest firmware (1.10)?