Problems with putting files onto DVD-R discs



Hey! I hope this hasn’t been asked before- I took a look through a coupla pages but I hope you’ll excuse me for not looking at all 853 of them.

I burn a lot of files for friends to use and for backups, so I picked up a pack of TDK gold DVD-Rs today, lured in by the promise of a whole 4.7 gigs of memory.

It seemed a great idea in my mind, but something seems to be working against me! No matter which disc I put in, My Computer reads the disc in the E drive to have 0 gigs of memory and none of that free. All I’m interested in is sticking files (Right now I’ve got a pile of .rmvb and a coupla .wmp, but not even a humble .gif will work) onto this pile of blank discs of mine and lending it to other people, in the most simple way possible.

Please tell me you guys can help me! I’ve spent the past hour googling this, to no avail.


That’s enough abuse, chaps!

Nothing inherently illegal in the original request so let’s get back on topic please :cop:


Thanks :slight_smile:


If you are using Windows XP (or any Windows earlier than Vista) the operating system itself doesn’t provide you with any tools to write anything on DVD media - only CD-R/RW media is supported directly in Windows XP.

You will need a DVD burning program such as e.g. the commercial Nero, Roxio or Cheetah suites, or the free ImgBurn, DeepBurner etc.

There are some threads about free burning software in our forums - I suggest doing a Search.


The answer to your Questions is IMGBURN.

Download it … it’s free.

Explanation Windows doesn’t have (decent) inbuilt support for burning CD’s & DVD’s, so you need a proper burning software. There are lots you can try, but imgburn is small, reliable & free.

Version 4.10 is the most current (at time of writing).

Once you install & start it, click “Files to CD/DVD” and you can just drag & drop what you want into them & press burn.

It will tell you the size you’ve used, and what media (CD/DVD/DLDVD) you will need to burn the files you have selected.

That’s all there is to it.


Thanks guys, I’ve got it sorted now :smiley: