Problems with purchasing Anydvd

July 20 2005 I tried to purchase Anydvd to use with my 1 click copy- did the 21 days trial. My card was good but first time used after renewing it.
Anydvd- (step 4-finished) stated on the bottom , $39.00 USD failed rejected by card center called card center (twice) and they stated it went through. My question is does any one have a suggestion on how to get Anydvd to
talk to me (e-mail) and get this straighten out? I know their small and 2,000 e-mail aday, but I’m afraid I’ve lost my money and no decoder. Thanks gale49

Hi, you can contact slysoft here
Do you have a spam filter ? or it my be caught up in you webmail spamfilter.
If it had went through you would have received 2 emails from Element5.
If you have to reorder, use ‘cdfreaks’ or ‘afterdawn’ to get $10 off (for all slysoft products), i also believe, you can also email slysoft if you have ordered it and didn’t use the coupon code and they will refund you.

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It’s not a spam filter, just a bloody slow Email / support system!

If you’ve Emailed them, you’ll find that in about 5 days you’ll have a flood of Emails from them, all equally as unhelpful…

They really need some better error checking and messages in their purchasing system - which always makes it look like they may have taken your money, but the “purchase” failed - i.e. you’ve got no license.


i think you will find you are in the minority with your statement. i bought anydvd about 3/4 weeks ago and got the key as soon as i completed the order and the email came through within minutes. i also sent a mail the following day asking for my $10 discount as i only saw the offers after i had bought. again i received a reply within a day to aknowledge that this had been done.