Problems with PS2 backups on 1673S firmware JS0D

At this point I’ve tried three different media types (Prodisc-04-04 +R bitset to DVD-ROM on a whim, Ritek G05, and MCC 02, if I remember correctly). All coasters. I’m burning at the slowest possible speed using DVD Decrypter, but even after Omnipatching these formats to use a slower speed, I can still only go as slow as 4x. At this point I’m thinking I just have a very large batch of crappy media, but before I order some quality Japanese discs online, I was wondering if there is anything else I’m doing wrong. The modchip is a Duo 2 if that matters. I ran preburnt Verbatim games on here with no issues. Any ideas? Thanks!

Oh, edit: It’s a 30001R PS2, V5/6

Here’s the CD-DVD screenshot for the Verbatim media, if that helps any:

anyone? :frowning: