Problems with Prophecy 3 backup

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Ive been an avid user of anydvd ( and CloneDvd2 (current version) for a couple of months now. They have NEVER let me down :iagree: . Well, that is until just last nite :confused: . I tried to back up my copy of Prophecy 3: The Ascent and when I looked at the backup, all I had was dots of light and bands of light. I have written to slyfox about this and wondered if anybody here had the same problem? Again, AnyDvd and CloneDvD2 have been Fantastic as ive tried xcopy plat and dvdcloner2 (which suck imho). I visit the forum daily now and love to see the support offered here! :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Please post your AnyDVD info. Thx.

if you mean the css key info…the movie didnt even list any. Other than that, what do you mean, my AnyDvd rev level? (

@ rammgod,

What Forum Member Macrovision3500 was referring to was the AnyDVD ‘Summary Of Drive’ information.

Right click on the little Red Fox icon located in the lower right task bar and the ‘Summary Of Drive’ information is displayed. Post that information so that it can reviewed.

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Nope. Backed it up long ago with a way old version of AnyDVD. So I doubt AnyDVD is the problem.

“…the backup … was dots of light and bands of light”

spooky. Bad media, bad player? When playing, does the backup allow you to skip (>>l) forward to other chapters? Do they play?