Problems with promise ATA133

hello all, im new here, i will try to describe my problem as best i can, im not a computer nut so forgive me if i say something wrong.

when i got my new tower i was finally able to install another HD ( Western Digial 200 gig) dvd burner (Liteon), I already had the ATA card (Promise Ultra 133 TX2) installed with a device on it, but to get it to work right i had to put that device (a wester dig 120 HD) in the slave posticion on CS. So when i got the new HD and burner, i put the new hd on master on the primary ide port and put the dvd burner on CS in the master position on the secondary ide port. when i treid to burn a dvd, my comp ran so slow that it reset itself, later i looked at the boot up screen to see that that device was only operated at dma 2 and not UDMA 5 like everything else on the controller card. ive tried swapping my tdk cd burner with the Liteon and when on that second ide port it also will only go into dma 2 and not udma. I am using a 80 conductor cable. The box infront the card came in clearly states on the back that it you can “Attach four drives or devices to Ultra133 TX2”. I cant seem to enter the cards bios during bootup by pressing del or F8 or and other F numbers. I also went through Device manager and had no luck finding a place to switch from PIO to UDMA.

im running win 2k on a Abit MB, 768 ddr ram and 1.4 athlon

any comments or suggestions are welcomed!

Thanks for reading

Run only HD’s on the Promise card, optical drives will run in PIO on the card which causes your symptoms. Most folks put the opticals on the MB IDE, and HD’s on the card. In spite of showing DMA on the drive, it’s running in PIO.

Makes sense. Looks like ill reformat and reconfigure my setup. Thank you! :slight_smile:

My system: Pentium 4 2.53GHz (533FSB) on an Asus P4S8X-X motherboard with 512 MiB RAM. Windows XP SP1. Nero

I had a problem with a CD-writer (Teac) and a DVD-writer (Pioneer 106) on a Promise ATA 133 card.

I would get ~100% CPU usage, buffer underruns and failed burns.

So I put the CD writer and the DVD writer on the motherboard controller, and put the hard disk on the Promise card. After this CD writer and DVD writer were fine.

The hard disk access on the Promise card was OK-ish, but I got choppy sound (wave) playback from the hard disk (e.g. when logging in or out). There is plenty of bandwidth on the PCI bus to do that, so it should have been well able to do the sound playback. When the hard disk was back on the motherboard controller, the sound playback was fine. So I have a feeling the Promise cards are not that great.

So I sniffed around and found mention of a SiI0680 based ATA133 card.

Note, this is S-I-I, not S-I-L. (Took me ages to figure this out. If you are googling you may want to try both.)

Turns out you can buy a SIIG branded card in PC World (United Kingdom) which uses a SiI 0680 chipset for GBP30.00. Excellent!!! (They also work fine with Linux; a bloke at my work is using one on his Linux box.)

Anyway I plugged it in last night and put the DVD writer through the SiI0680 card and was able to cut a 3.9GB DVD-RW just fine, with virtually no CPU usage, and the buffer stayed virtually full the whole way through. The machine was also completely responsive and I could do other things without affecting the DVD burn at all.

So yes, the SiI 0680 card is looking pretty good.

I haven’t tried the Teac CD burner through it though .

William Blunn