Problems with profiles

I don’t like to download stuff onto my computerbecause of viruses, so is there a way of just making a new profile and editing it so that its just like the ones you CAN download?


Trust me the download has no virusses. You can however easily create your own Profiles. When you’re in the submenu where you can select the Profile for reading or writing simply right click on a Profile or on the white space and choose New. You can rename the Profile if you want to. It’s very simple. More information on the use of Profiles can be found in our CloneCD v4.0 Preview.

But come on, why would admin waste time to make profiles that corrupts members’ pcs? We have all downloaded those profiles, thnx G@M3FR3@K btw, and unless someone hacked the forum to swap it, there is no virus. Even with all those words of viruses and hackers, I can tell you I got no AV protection or firewall, minus WinXP’s native one, simply because its easier that way.

And I’ll practice my voodoo witchcraft on whoever has the misfortune to hack or corrupt my pc. :slight_smile:

Either download them or just view the sticky and use the information listed to make them yourself, either works.