Problems with prodisc F01 and S04 on External 1633, and benq1620

well i am going to focus on the 1633 first.

I “borrowed” a retail external liteon 1633 from my local retail chain (although walmart is my favorite! damn conservatives)

while burning prodisc f01 and s04 R- disks, it would burn, fail during the verification(about 70% through) and plain act weird. When I went to test the disks, the buttens on dvd speed were greyed out, it said the disk was empty. Visually inspecting the disk showed mulitiple burn lines.

Now the problem I have had in my benq, is that the F01’s show a gross amount of PIE on the last 10-20% ranging 400-1000. Now I ignored the benq on this because i know a high pie score doesnt mean the cd is coasterd.
Both the druves had problems with the s04 and havent gotten a single bad one yet.

Upstairs in my house i have a 8x external Pacific digital I borrowed to test with. I had no problem with a Lacie(NEC) 8x drive i borowed with this media.

And I really hope it is not the media at fault. I have somewhere around 300-400 discs, maybe more. And I might revert to returning them to the seller, if i am within 60 days warranty (i must pay ship) either way i lose money.

IF you care at all. I will be running a test with a new retail 1633 internal which i paid for, got a great deal 58$ shipped and that pacific digital too.

Thanks for reading, I guess I have now joined the liteon club

neither of those media are any good…

for the liteon, likely, your only hope is to play with stategy swaps using omnipatcher. others can reccomend which ones, as i am brand new to liteon.

for the benq, i would try try fw B7S9. itwas specifically designed for inferior media and it officially supports both those media at 12x.

good luck, and next time buy better media…