Problems with printable DVD+R's and DRU-530A



I have always used TDK branded DVD+R 4x media, coded both CMC and RICOHJPN, and never had any problems on my Sony DRU-530A burner. My dad went out and purchased an Epson printer to print on the “printable” DVD’s. Since then, I have slaved over the computer to get in a decent burn. I have used CompUsa branded MCC003 and Memorex branded CMC (both +R) printables and get a huge spike in PI errors and failures, 3 gigs to the end of the disk. Through hours of troubleshooting, changing the files and the speed, and even trying an identical burn on the HL-DT-ST GWA-4080N burner on my laptop, these disks will not give me a good burn. I can turn around and burn the same compilation on a TDK RICOHJPN and get a great burn. The sony firmware is 2.1c and the HL-DT-ST is 0G03.

I have done some research on this forum and considered several different media choices. I was thinking about real Taiyo Yuden+R (YUDEN000T02) or the Ridata+R 4x on Newegg(Ritek or RICOHJPN) printable disks. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate a user on this forum with another Sony drive, referring to this particular media.

I am not concerned about burn speed; 8x would be nice, but 4x would suffice. Would any of these media choices be good for both of my drives?




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I got so tired of bad burns with Ricoh printables that I switched to Prodisc printables, both -R on a liteon 851S. I though I had found heaven with the Prodisc and was about to order another batch, when they turned to garbage. I cannot get a decent burn. I changed burners to Beng and installed new firmware and the Prodiscs still suck, but TY and Teon burn fine. Now to find a good printable +R disc.