Problems with powersupply and harddrive (Samsung 120GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive)

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SpinPoint P80 SP1203N - hard drive - 120 GB - ATA-133. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My power supply went ka-put. I replaced it. The hard drive will not receive any power now. I thought it was dead to so I bought a new one.

I power on, I hear “click” … no spin … from both drives. The new one is a maxtor diamondmax.

I tried a really old 90 watt power supply that doesn’t have the extra 4 wire power lead that goes next to the main power to the motherboard. I hit the power button and bam … hard drive went right on. The mobo didn’t boot because of that extra 4 wire lead? The fan on the cpu didn’t spin but the hard drive about spun right out of my hand. The power supply is brand new, right out of the box.

Is it possible I bought a power supply too powerful for the hard drive? I did the cable swaps. I tried new ide cables. I tried it all… When I powered up this year 1995 ish, 90 watt power supply it fired the drive right up, but I’m not sure if that extra 4 wire lead is needed to power up the mobo or not.

Someone please help!!! I’m getting desperate!!!

No it sounds like the power supply you bought is faulty. Substituting the 90 watt one confirms this.
If you have a volt meter or can borrow one you can measure the voltages on the hard drive power plug to finally confirm.
There are only two feeds to the drive 5 volt and 12 volt.
Welcome to the club.

I’ve got to agree with weedougie sounds like a faulty power supply to me also and the
answer to the 4 pin mobo hook up is most likely yes it will need to be plugged in to help
power the mobo / CPU. :iagree:

new psu is faulty.not enough wattage to power the drives with the 12v connector plugged into the mobo says bad 12v rail.

and who posted that hdd info…Buffer size 2 GB …now that’s funny