Problems with plextor 40x12x40x



So I finally bought this writter and there's
one thing which I'm worried about. My plex has some scratche's on it as if it was
mounted to low quality computer case before. That could mean that it was used. Company that sold me this writter tells that it's because of plextor factory, which checks some of their writters if they work properly. Somehow I don't believe in this.
Another suspicious thing is that it came in bulk( American version), but has roxio soft, but screws, emergency eject tool, cd-r and cd-rw are not included. Tell if you had scratches on your writter and if you had this sort of bulk version. Also could you give me some advices how to know if
this plex was used.


Contact plextor, if the dealer is lying to you, plextor will make it right


Plextor doesn’t sell damaged drives (they’re the King of Quality ;)). Take it back and demand a new one. You paid for it didn’t you? You deserve an undamaged drive.