Problems with Plextor 40x + SD2?

Hello, i’ve connected my brand new Plextor W4012A (40x) with the IDE connector, Windows XP recognized it and installed it immediately (i love XP :stuck_out_tongue: )
but CDRWIN 3.8D doesn’t seem to recognize it as a writer, it gives an error when i try to copy a CD or ISO etc…
same prob with Nero Brning ROM :confused:
what should i do?

and is there a possibility i can copy SD2 cd’s with my plextor?? should i change firmare or ASPI drivers or something?
i want to b L33T :slight_smile:



Best to search the forums for plextor + sd2. I don’t care about copying games but from reading these forums for many months is appears the latest incarnations of sd2 defeat the plextor range of writers - only liteon’s seem capable of doing the latest protection schemes (sd2). No firmware will make any difference and ASPI has nothing to do with it.


Originally posted by DigiTo
[B]and is there a possibility i can copy SD2 cd’s with my plextor?? should i change firmare or ASPI drivers or something?
i want to b L33T :slight_smile:

Bb [/B]

I’ve got the Plextor W4012A too. Yes you can make backups of any SD2 cd. Make sure you have the latest firmware v1.01 and ASPI drivers. My backups of games with the older SD2 (pre SD2.51) work fine in any CD-ROM or CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive that I have on my 2 computers. However, my game backups with the new SD2.51 will only run using my Plextor, with some needing CloneCD’s ‘hide cdr media’ option turned on and others not. Right now this isn’t a problem. But I’m concerned that these backups won’t work if I ever change out the Plextor 40x for another unit.

you guy’s seem to have a complete diffrent opinion :smiley:

digito, i think youre going to find a wide range of opinions on this forum, lots of people just give out information that they know third or fourth hand and some people may not be doing things right. I have put a plextor in my machine and 3 of my friends (i work at compusa, we don’t carry lite-ons and the discount was good enough to go with the plex) anyways, in all 3 of the machines i could create copies of sd 2.51 cds that would work in all cd-rom drives. Games i have been trying are MOHAA, serious sam, desert seige (although i am not sure that is 2.51)

so long story short, i used clone cd, left everything unchecked on read, basic stuff on write (not AWS) and everything went perfectly.

Thanks, love u guys :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been roaming the Plextor forum and CloneCD forum for the past 5 days. I have tried just about every setting I can and I can’t seem to create a working copy of NHL 2002 which is SD 2.4.x.

Can someone share with me their settings for Safedisc 2.4.x and CloneCD 3.4.x and the Plextor PX401240a.



Thanks anyways.

Absolutely amazing the divergence of abilities to copy SD2.51 games with the Plextor drive, especially the 40x. I have a 40x and a 24x USB2 and I can’t copy MOHAA with either no matter what my settings are and I have tried everything more than once. I really like my Plextor 40x but it is in the closet now and I have a Liteon 40x in my computer. I have a feeing though that Plextor might make a drive next time that can do EFM encoding perfectly. If so I will buy it.:cool: