Problems with PlexTools (I think)


I have a strange problem.

When PlexTools (I use 1.15A) is running in system tray i cannot access my Plextor Drives.

If I insert a CD (no matter if it is DivX, MP3’s or Audio) the drives appeares to be empty. Standard WinXP dialog box with “Please insert disk in drive G:”

It happens with both my UltraPlex 40max and PlexWriter 12/4/32.

I alsÃ¥ have a Toshiba 1401 SCSI and there’s no problem with this drive.

Now when I close the PlexTool application everything seems to be just fine. I’m able to see all contents and from all software. (different players ect.)

That could be wrong. Am I missing any settings or what ?

Please help me. :bow:

Kind Regards

Allan Jensen, Denmark:confused: :confused:

Is the ‘Hide CD-R Media’ option ticked in your Drive Settings? Judging from your type of discs (MP3/DivX and thus probably on CD-R media) this could be the problem as when this option is ticked, PlexTools will hide your CD-R discs from Windows. Please check if this is the case.

Thank you for answering.

Unfortunately I’m unable to find this “Hide CD” setting you describe.

Where should I look.? (i’ve looked in everu setting and tab.)



Oooh. I see now. I found a review of the Plextor W4824A and the PlexTools.

There were at screenshot of the Drive Settings Page and the Hide CD media option. I how ever do not have this option at all. I guess my 1/4/32 speed SCSI burner is somewhat “outdated” in this category.

Any suggestions. ?



Try Options | Preferences | General | Clear Registry Settings.

This can correct some problems, and the settings will be restored as you use the program.

OK I’ll try that!



This clear Reg. option is unavailable to me. This is all I got.

Startup Options:

Startup Minimized
Startup Maximized

Exit Options:

Save settings on exit

Advanced Options:

Keep minimized as icon on system tray
Read complete disc information on startup
Autoplay sudio CD’s
Autoplay dada CD’s

End then the OK/cancel button.

Pleazze help me!!


Am I having some kind of “Lite” version of PlexTool (or just having an outdated cd-bruner) ??

OK I just qualified for the medal of stupidity.

Just found out I was running the PlexTools 1.09 and not the 1.15A

I have two almost identical machines. One running the 1.15A and one running 1.09 (forgot to upgrade thia one.

I bow in the dust for forgiveness :bow: :bow: :bow:

All the options semms to be there now 8I wonder why) :wink:

But still problems… :a

After trying to clear the reg. settings I’m still unable to selevt anything but the Auto Insert Notification in the “Advanced Settings”.

All the other options is grayed out. Why is that ?

Because the settings probably don’t work with your drive…

I bow in the dust for forgiveness
LOL, you are forgiven :wink: :wink:


All is forgiven, my son.