Problems with Plex24/10/40 burnprofs and Nero 5572!

Hi Guys,
Here is my configuration:
ABIT KR7A-Raid (Latest Bios from pouls Unoficial site )
AMD 1900+
3 X 256 DDR Simple Tec. 2100
2 X IBM 40 GB 7200 on high point conntrol. but they are not in ride
Plex 24/10/40a 102 firmware
Toshiba DVD they are on the same cabel Ide1 ata 100 cab
Pioneer DVD 116
Teac 40 cdrom they are on the same cable Ide 2 ata 100 cab
Radeon 8500 retail agp
1 pci slot empty
2 pci slot 3 3com 10/100 (ADSL)
3 pc sb live 5.1 platinum
4 real magic hollywood dvd card
5 pci empty (because High point conntroler)
6 pci 3com 10/10 ( neetwork)

When I try to burn something with latest nero and plextor on 80 min. cd media i get report abaut 8 burnprofs

at first i get abit kg7a raid motherboard and everything works fine , then I only changed moterboards and stil everytings works fine.
Then I have done clean install WinXP pro eng on this procedure:
Install winxp pro
Via 437a
high point drivers
and then all others drivers

and what I get A lot of burnprofs!!!

Please Help me Guys!!!

Best regrds

I think the drive isn’t running in DMA mode. You can find a lot of info on this in this thread.