Problems with Plex 716 and nforce3 Ultra Shuttle Barebone SN95


i have any Problems with my Shuttle SN95g5V2 nforce3 Ultra chipset and my Plex 716 Burner. My system show the Plex as a UDMA 66 Drive. Windows XP took 2 minutes longer to boot. On rebooting my System it hangs on the detection of the IDE Drives. I connected the Drive on all possible Ports. Master Slave etc. Changed Firmware to 1.04, 1.04u and back to 1.03.

In XP there where no Problems. Fine Burn quality. But on reboot… :a

Nothing happens.

I changed my Drive with a NEC 3520b and a LG 4163 everything is fine. No problems with the System.

Sorry for my bad english ;-))

System Specs:

Shuttle SN95G2V2
1x Raptor 74Gb
1x Maxtor 300GB
1024 MB Geil Value DDR Ram
Plextor PX 716A

mad2030, I had the exact same problem as you. I also have the Shuttle SN95G5 barebone computer but with the Plextor PX-716A installed I cannot reboot the system properly. I have reported this issue several times on the Shuttle Support Forums but without a proper response. I think think the problem lies with this Shuttle because I’ve had a lot more problems with it (although luckily, after several BIOS updates, the problems are now fixed). I have no solution for you! You could try to report this problem to Shuttle again but I doubt it will make a difference. To solve my problem I’ve replace the PX-716A with my PX-712A and that works without a problem. My PX-716A is now working as an external drive.

Good luck and please let me/us know if you find a solution!

Ps. You’re sure that firmware 1.04u doesn’t fix the problem? I was hoping it would since I saw one reply in the Shuttle Forums that it fixed the reboot problem.

My system specs:

Shuttle SN95G5 (BIOS Q)
AMD64 3500+ (NewCastle)
2x512MB Corsair RAM
ASUS V9999 Gamer’s Edition
Western Digital 120GB


my SN95G5 is v2.0 with BIOS S20a. my PX-716A is TLA#0202 flashed to v1.0u. processor is an FX-53 (211x12), memory Kingston Hyper-X 3200 BH-5 2x512MB, a Sapphire X800 XT PE, WDC WD360 & Hitachi 7K250 120GB.

BIOS is set to “Auto”, boot drive is the WD360 SATA, the 7k250 is IDE0 master (cable select) and the PX-716A is IDE1 master (jumpered as master) in UDMA 66 (as seen by Dev Mgr).

that’s all i remember off the top of my head, i’ll use Sandra or MS Diags to dump the system config this weekend, in case that may help.


Thanks woody. I have one of the first revisions of the SN95G5 myself, probably v1.0 or v1.1. If I feel like experimenting I will try the PX-716A in my system again someday :wink:


i got my new Drive from Plextor. (Jannuary 2005/ TLA 0304/ Firmware 1.04) Connected on the 2nd IDE Master as Master. It works nearly perfect. Only the long boot time of winXP SP2 Pro sucks. I need 34 seconds longer to boot with the Plextor.
But i think it`s a good compromise between disfunktion and a working Drive.

Tomorrow i will test the Drive. Perhaps i can post some scans of the Diskquality.



Thanks for letting us know mad2030!