Problems with playback

:slight_smile: hi there everyone, This is my first message in a forum so bear with me!!
i have just purchased an ARTEC ART42007 external dvd writer i am using clone dvd and shrink dvd to rip, the problem i face is that the dvd i have burnt will ONLY play if i play it using the dvd writer, in my home dvd player it just makes a harsh noise and in my dvd rom drive it does not play either, i am also using Any dvd, any help in resolving this matter would be great
joe noble RM.

Some standalone DVD players won’t play computer burnt discs. Will yours?

If you are ripping the DVD then you maybe changing the structure of it enough to stop the DVD player reconising it as a DVD.

What discs are you using. This along with the different conventions (+ and -) does make a difference.

thanx for the reply.
i am using sony+ disks but i still cant get my head round why my computer wont recognise the dvd with thd dvd rom drive but it plays fine in the dvd rw drive.
do i need to run a dvd decrypter?
will burning slower help?