Problems with playback stuttering DVD+R DL


Have made a copy of StarWars V Empire Strikes Back to a Infiiniti DVD+R DL disc.
Used AnyDVD ( and CloneDVD( to make a DVD copy (DVD9) to my harddisk and then used Nero to burn the DVD+R DL. All seemingly worked fine…
The film plays fine in my PC NEC ND-3500AG (and also the files on the harddisk) but stutters for a few seconds (after about the first 20 seconds of the film) when played on my new Panasonic DMREX75 DVD player. It then seems to play fine with no problems. Is this to do with the switch of layer problem on dual media? I assummed this would occur roughly half way through the film in encountered? Strange thing is that I’ve copied several music video/concert dvds to DVD+R DL and have played them in my Panasonic DVD with no problems using the same setup…
Any help appreciated?

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Usually problems like this are due to a bad burning. To avoid this the only way is to buy high quality media, i.e verbatim

I have found this to almost always be media related. I too have found the best luck with Verbatim and sometimes slower burn speeds (8x instead of 16x, for example).

The burn speed was showing as 2.4 in Nero…

Strange as this has now happen twice…both for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back…all the stuttering (its almost like the laser is stuck and is re-reading the same frame) happens (on both disc copies) just after the rolling intro text intro…did I just get unlucky twice?

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Did you actually read geno888 and BeardedKirklander response?

Your “playback stuttering” problem is related to the poor quality blank DL DVD Media you are using (Infiiniti DVD+R DL Disc). If you desire quality error free results when using DL DVD Media the preferred DL DVD Media is Verbatim.

The below Web Link provides information of quality DVD Media.



Yes of course I read the replies :bigsmile: and I accept that some dvd media are of better quality than others…and appreciate your help, opinions and suggestions.

I was just interested why the stuttering seems to occur on 2 different dvds ( and different movies) in roughly the same place on the disc…???
I’m also confused why some of the other copies I have made (of music vids) have had no problems? Unless of course I got lucky with the other burns using the same media…

I will check out the media code of the discs tonight and see where they are rated


It has happened to me more than once.

Basically, once I started using VERBATIM disks and Nero, the problems went completely away. I usually use DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink to generate the VIDEO_TS folder, then I manually open Nero, create a DVD Video project, copy the files in the VIDEO_TS folder over to the corresponding folder in the project window, then burn with the most basic options chosen.

File Name set to MAX OF 11
Character Set set to ISO 9660
Under the MISC tabs, I have all caching DESELECTED

I usually burn at 16x and get great results, but you can select 8x or 4x if you wish. That may help improve quality.

If you use DVD-R, it should be automatic.

If you use DVD+R, you may want to ensure your Bit Setting (if you have it) is set as DVD-ROM.

Just for kicks and grins, you may want to try creating an additional output that shrinks the media to fit on a single disk. That way you can ensure that you are not getting a Layer Change pause, which can happen sometimes with Dual Layer media.

Best of luck to you.