Problems with Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Hi all,
yesterday I’ve ripped Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (italian rental) with DVDFab HD Decrypter with PathPlayer enabled if necessary-
It seemed all ok, but when I’ve tried to shrink it with dvdshrink or nero recode both gave up with “Out of memory” error at 36% of compressing process.
I’ve googled a bit and I’ve seen that 99% of times is a Ripguard problem…
So not all the protections where removed with ?
Tonight I’ll try with PathPlayer enabled.

Thank you guys.

PS : if you want I can send you the *.IFO

I doubt you are going to get anyone around here to help you commit a crime!

90312 is right. Discussions of copying rental DVDs could jeopardize CDFreaks. See this:

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Dear all,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

Best Regards,