Problems with Pioneer DVR-k14l

I have a problem with my Pioneer DVR-k14L, sometimes it refuses to recognise disks and gives trouble while burning. It will not recognise anything burned using DVD shrink yet burns fine. Any ideas ? Firmware ? Driver ? Hardware problem ? I need to resolve this asap as I am due to go to sea for a long trip, please help, thanks !

This thread has been moved from the Pioneer standalone DVD recorder forum, since the DVR-K14L is actually a laptop IDE drive. :wink:

Make a new burn and enable VERIFY. That way you can find out if the drive can read the media it burns to or not.

Also clean the drive and use good media, maybe burn at slower speeds.

Thanks for the advice. I decided to install a new larger hard disk that I recently acquired, installed my OS, drivers, software, et voila ! Same problem with the DVR-K14L !
It is still under warranty so it is being replaced on Friday.

Thanks again.