Problems with Pioneer DVR-212 and Tayio Yuden

Has anyone has problems with Pioneer DVR-212 Drives and Tayio Yuden CDs?

I have four DVR-212 drives with 1.15 firmware. One makes great discs that scan like the attached “Good Scan” picture.

The other three make discs that scan more like the attached “Bad Scan” picture.

Why would one drive work great and the others poorly? What is happening at about 17.5 minutes that causes a huge jump in C1 errors?

Thanks to all for your help.

@ ajgilbert,

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What DVD device did you use to Scan the Tayio Yuden CD and what Scanning Software Program did you use?


The drive used for scanning the disc is a Plextor PX-716A. The software is Plextools Professional XL V3.10. I also had the discs run by a third party on something called a CDCATS analysis system showing similar results. I also saw similar results reading on a Pioneer 212 drive with Nero CD Speed.

Thanks for your help!