Problems With Pioneer DVR-106D

Hi there,

I’ve recently bought a Pioneer DVR (106D).

While trying to backup my DVD’s I’ve encountered a strange problem:

While burning on a +R or +RW format the Backup is working perfectly (Passes file verification in Nero 6 and plays smoothly on any DVD player).

While Burning on -R format, the last file is getting damaged for some reason and fails on Nero files verification and sometimes even the viewing is not so smooth: e.g. freezes on different parts of the menu.

I’ve tried different media brands and nothing helps.
I’ve tried a fresh install of DVD burning programs (to avoid conflicts) but that didn’t helped much.
I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.07 - but still getting the same result.

Did anyone encountered this kind of problem with his DVR-106D?
Do you think the DVR itself might be the problem?

Thanks for your help.


I have the same burner and have been using both "+"and “-” medium without any problems, I havent upgraded the firmware either. I use verbatim dvd’s without incident, cheap and they seem to work, even in my five year old sony dvd player and ps2.

but you should rejoice, the “-” medium seems to be more expensive anyway…go with what works.