Problems with Pioneer DVR-103. HELP!


I’ve a Pioneer DVR-A03 for about 4 months. I’ve been doing DVD-R recordings without problems, but a few days ago, the drive stopped to burn DVDs. Every time I want to burn a DVD, it started and in about 10 sec. I have the next message (I use Gear Pro 6.02):

“Write operation was not successful.
Optimum laser power calibration failed.
Drive error code = 02037303h.
The disc is not successfully recorded.”

I tried it with Nero (latest) and it says the same “Power calibration error”.

I also tried in Linux Mandrake 9.0 with Gear software and the unit looks like it was burning but the DVD was empty.

Another fact is that I’m only using one kind of DVDs (Princo white with purple surface), which I’ve recorded some of them before all this happened, and one DVD Video image (but I don’t think this could be the problem).

What can I do?

Thank you very much.

Antonio D.

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Looks like a media problem or a buffer-underrun error to me. Why don’t you try some quality rewritable DVD-RW media for test?

If it’s a buffer underrun, then it automatically means that it is a crap media issue, since Pioneer’s BurnProof works perfectly on good media.
Try deactivating DMA mode. Helps in most cases if a Pioneer DVR-A03/A04 behaves in a weird way.

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Thank you. I tried deactivating DMA mode but it didn’t work. I’ll try with other media.

Could it be that the DVD-RW is sharing IDE cable with another unit?

Thank you again.

I have also read a lot of threads regarding the Pioneer DVR-A03/A04 DMA issues but I don’t remember the details.

Sharing one IDE cable with another unit could be a serious problem? Since most motherboards have only two IDE channels/connectors/cables, that seems unthinkable to me. Well, nothing to lose to try different configurations though.

Princo DVD-R’s the cheapest recordable DVD media in the history. I’d like to recommend DVD-R media made by Taiyo Yuden or Maxell or Mitsui. But why don’t you try rewritable media first to see if the drive’s OK?

And when trying DVD-RW media: Do not again use Princo crap media!

@Kenshin: I’ve mailed Pioneer about that DMA issue, asking if it still occurs with the A05 (which would be fatal, since 4x DVD writing in PIO mode is impossible).
Their answer was that Pioneer DVD writers are made according to existing specification, but that some mainboard manufacturers do not meet these specs and thus cause this issue. They recommend to use mainboards which meet these specs, and, now fasten your seatbelt, they recommend not to use VIA chipsets (You can get the full quote of their answer, but that would be in German then).
Funny, if their explanation is valid, then some Intel BX440 boards would not meet the specs either…

Today, Pioneer answer me that perhaps the unit is wrong… :frowning:

But the information they gave me makes me think that you all are better informed about the problems that Pioneer Technical Service themselves. :slight_smile:

So I’ll try with another DVD-R or DVD-RW media and tell you.

Thank you for your help.

Antonio D.

Well… :slight_smile:

The unit is OK. :slight_smile:

It wasn’t media. It wasn’t a fault of the unit…

It was that DVR-103 likes to be alone in an IDE cable AND in PIO mode. Only setting PIO didn’t work if the Pioneer is slave, and only put it as master in DMA mode didn’t work too.


Thank you very much for all your support… :bow: :bow:
And fuck Pioner technical support. :stuck_out_tongue:

Antonio D.

Pioneer seems to have a technical support as LiteOn…