Problems With pioneer drive

Hiya just got myself a new pioneerDVR-111D and fitted to my machine but im having a wee problem with it.

It seems to read adio cd,s fine and also reads pre-recorded DVD’s but if i put in a blank DVD (MAXELL rewritable 1-4x speed) it shows up as a cd not a dvd Ive installed the latest firmaware and it made no diference.

I was wondering if im doing something wrong or if maybe my media is bad as ive never replaced a drive before.

Thanks in advance for any help.

What firmware revision are you running? Are you also sure that your jumpers are set properly?

Hi and welcome!

Did you try a DVD writing application?
It is normal, that the drive shows up as CD drive on Windows desktop if you inserted a blank DVD. Windows does not support DVD writing, so you’ll need appropriate software for that.


Of course you will need an proper burning app to get it to work!

Heh yeah i just got some free software for burning and it works fine now.

Thanks for helpin out a noob lol :smiley: