Problems with pioneer 111d dvd drive

ok so i bought this drive the 111d and plugged it in with a ide cable and such and put it on the secondary ide channel as master since there isnt anything else on that ide channel i thought everything should be running smooth well i boot into bios it shows the drive i boot into windows it shows the drive.the cable is connected correctly.but the busy light is always on and will not open.

I pushed the manual open button and put a cd in there just trying to see if that would work and didnt do anything either.

opened device manager dont show any errors i show everything is working fine

when i open device manager and find the drive it states that the country code cannot be set i try and set it to u.s and it states that there isnt any media for country code1 so i cant change that.

also in device manager when i click on the drive and select propertys then volumes it stats disk:cd rom, type:dvd, status: no media (of course) partition style: not applicable, and shows nothing for capacity unallocated space or reservie space.

then if i click on ide(also in device manager) secondary ide channel properties advanced it states that transfer mode is ultra dma mode 2 ? and current transfer mode is unavail? i am really really confused and just want to start using this drive if any one has any sugestions i would really appreciate it thanks

Check the jumper on the back of the drive, it must be set as master.
Also try to replace the ide cable, this drive must run in UDMA4 mode.

Xaxphaanes -

Suggest viewing the below Forum Posting and closely note comments concerning IDE Jumper (Master/Slave) settings and 80 Wire IDE Cable for UDMA Mode 4.


Link to the manual:,,2076_310070398_302357629_tab=E,00.html