Problems With Pioneer 106 Burner

Just today, I have discovered that my DVD burner is not functioning properly. When I insert a blank DVD (trust me it is blank, I have tried several different kinds) the burner makes a weird noise like a hummer or motor and then goes silent. More importantly, programs like DVD Decryptor and NERO are not recognizing any blank media, but simply label the DVD with the old settings for my last write.

Any ideas?

I have Pioneer DVD RW 106 D

The drive is getting on a bit and as with anything it has a use by date! How many burns have you used it for? Mine’s still kicking, so maybe try upgrading the firmware and/or check all cables. Does windows see the drive?

Windows does see the drive. The Burners has actually probably been through over 300-400 burns in a span of about 6 months.

Windows does recognize the drive. How would I update the firmware?