Problems with Phillips DVDR1648P1

Hello everyone,
First post here… sorry its about a problem…

I’ve got a Phillips DVDR1648P1, about 8 months old now and the last 2/3 weeks it has stopped reading and writing to normal CDs. Burns and reads DVDs no problem just stopped with CDs.

Its mounted as master on 2nd ide channel with a Sony DVD play as master on 1st ide channel.

I’ve flashed it up to 2.4 (latest firmware) but to no avail.

Is it just knackered or has anyone any ideas on fixing this/or experienced this occuring themselves?


Welcome to cdfreaks.

Can you tell us what brand of your CD? If you have a spare blank CD to waste for a test, please download Nero CD-DVD Speed and run “Create Disc” test. If there’s an error, let us know what is the error message.

Also while you’re on Nero CD-DVD Speed, perhaps you can tell us the MID from “Disc Info” section.

Try to boot on a CD. For example your windows (or Linux) CD.
If during the boot your Philips still doesnot work, it means the CD lens is dead. You will have to RMI it!