Problems with Philips 1640 (P3.4) please help



First prob is that every cd or dvd i scan with the nero speed stop 4 to 6 times between the reading process. The Light is on but the not read for 1 or 3 seconds is that normal ? This happens by orginal and on bruned cd or dvds.

Here a pic from a scan with a orginal Q3 CD

My second prob is that the burned cds are bad.
I burned yestraday Tevion DVDs (RicoJPN). In the Test here the burned that good at 16speed (i can only burn at 12 it gives no 16).

This are my scans from a 8! burning:

is my burner damaged ? or is this a normal problem? I have buy this burner yesterday.

btw sorry for my bad english i hope you can help me.


Try scanning again at 8x speed, should get rid of the pauses and may show you a result that is a tad better.


the cd or the dvd scan ?

i scan the dvd with 4 and also with 8 speed the results are not much better @4i have no POs