Problems with panasonic dvd-r playback

I recently purchased the LiteOn 20x DVD writer and I’ve attempted to burn dvd’s of concerts I’ve downloaded (legal bootlegs from trade-friendly artists only) I used dycrptor and dvd shrink with verbatim dvd-r discs. I also have the nero 7 essentials that came with the burner.

When I make direct copies of actual dvd’s (dycrypter then backup to dvd-r with nero) they playback just fine on my panasonic SC-HT740 dvd changer.

When I try to play the one’s i downloaded (vob files, etc) the audio works perfectly but the video is distorted. I can move between chapters with no problem but the video is a mess.

Finally, if I use another player (apex - no surround sound . . small tv) it works fine no matter what. But I really want to be able to use the panasonic with the surround sound since most downloads are in dolby 5.1.

Please advise!

Try just buying a region free dvd player. I also own more then one
dvd recorder a panasonic,a magnevox,and a dvr. The panasonic I
noticed has something built in to it that won’t allow certain disc’s to
play. So when I have an unusal dvd that I burned the region free
player plays them with no problem. Try going to a web-site called
bargin offers[which most of us in this forum know about]. I saw
a region free player for $ 49.00 bucks.
Good Luck ZAP.

thanks zapem . . i will look into that. I just hope I can get something that will play through my surround sound speakers without having to break the bank.

The dvd region player I told you about is pretty reasonable and
shouldn’t break the bank.Thats why most of us buy from BARGIN OFFERS web-site . Anyway you can’t beat $ 49.00 bucks.
Good Luck ZAP.