Problems with Panasonic DMR-E80H HDD



My original problem was with the HDD that I was not able to access and had many saved videos that I very much wanted to keep. I brought it to a video repair shop and was told the video on the HDD could not be saved and a new HDD would cost more than a new 55S. I decided to bring the unit home and at least be able to watch DVD’s since I could before I brought it to the shop. When I hooked it up and turned it on I was now not able to access the DVD section. The front panel is lit and I get the constant message UNFORMAT.

My questions are: 1) has anyone been able to save video from this HDD and, if so, how and 2) what does this message mean and why can’t I at least play my DVD’s? Thanks for your help.


You can remove the hard drive and attempt to access it on a PC, that’s the only hope you have for saving the contents. Results vary, if the drive is intact it’s certainly possible but not an easy task. These units use proprietary formatting, and some even encrypt the video files. Chances are the drive has Linux type formatting.

The message means that the device is seeing a blank disc, or that the hard drive is unformatted. Sounds like you are screwed. This is why I burn everything on my DVR to DVD for safe keeping.