Problems with OPTODISCR004 on BTC DUAL 1004IM and firmware 0048

i bought last week this Burner(firmware 0045) and now i have a few questions:
Yesterday i burned 2 DVD-Rs (intenso mid number i have no clue )
at 2x speed and they are working fine.
now here comes the problem.
Today i flashed my drive to v0048 and bought 4 OPTODISCR004 DVD-Rs(4x Medianca 4,7GB)
Ok i burned 2 Disks and the are unraedable in my LG GDR 8162B and i have no clue why(The burner self can hardly read them but thats just luck other times he reads nothing).
Are their any expiriences with this Typ of DVDs ? (bought in a vobis store nearby)
Or is my Drive faulty or something like that ( i hope not ^^’’)

Hi Clany,

I read this threat for a while and I can say, that I have some experience in assessing this problems.
I have at home two DVD-burners, a BTC 1004, a Pioneer A06 and in my office the latest Plextor.
I tested the DVD brands Verbatim, SKYmedia, Intenso, Ritec G03 and Leaddata (the cheapos from media market).

As mentioned in many threats before, believe it or not, buy only brands like Verbatim TDK, Ritec and what is recommended by the hardware manufacturer.
All the other media is rubbish. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I have checked Intenso and Leaddata on all 3 drives, and both medias produce more or less the same bad. I checked this with K-probe.

So my conclusion is, the BTC is not the best but an acceptable drive, use media like Verbatim or TDK or Ritek and you are on the save side.

All other experiments will cost you time and money.


I also bought some Optodiscr004 media from Intenso and tried to burn them on a Pioneer 106 firmware 1.07.
2 or 3 discs (out of about 15) could be read without errors.
For me it seems that optodisc creates some pretty bad media

Ok the only recommended DVD-Rs here are TDK DVDs in Vobis Store its not much but when it works without problems i try them out.
(somewhat strange is that the intenso DVD-Rs are working)
I’m not sure if its important but the MID from the INtenso DVD-Rs i bought is DDD-DVD-R or something like that.
Today i bought 2 TDK and 2 Intensos with the mentioned MID and it works perfectly the Scandisk test with Nero cant find errors and the surface check is the same.
Anyway are their any good tools to check the Quality from DVD-R/+Rs ?

After reviewing this thread, i’ve checked the same issues. I got a Liteon 811s (not really a 811s ;->) and could check my Media’s with K-Probe.

Last Week i bought a 25er Pack of Intenso 4x DVD-R, MediaCode OPTODISCR004. 13 of 15 burned Discs (with 2x or 4x) are bad. So many Errors, that the burner self and my Samsung DVD-Reader has Problems to read this type of burned discs. On the other side my home DVD-Player (Toshiba SD210e) doesn’t want to read this disc entirely. A cheap Disc (Conmark DVD-R, 2x specified, bought at CONRAD - Elektronikstore) has no faults and is readable in every of my Drives. Checked a burn of Philips 4x Media at 8xSpeed, produce good media, that are readable too.

My conclusion of Intenso or any other Brand of DVD-R-Discs with MediaCode OPTODISCR004 are the badest media i’ve ever have had. The Posts of other Members let me no other thinking, cause all have different drives, but the same media with the same finish: Bad media.

i had bought some Intenso DVD-Rs yesterday with kickout case and nanya j001 MID and is must say its weird the only Intensos i can use so far are the DVD-Rs with the DDR-DVD-R MID the nanya ones are working just in the burner self.
I think its a little bit strange to use many different manufacturers and label them as intenso its something like to kick in the ass of the costumer O.o
Ah and you are right the optodisks are the greatest rubbish of them all poor quality poor surface checked them twice.
now 8 DVD-Rs and all are soo bad in quality you cant read a single file O.o

Yes, Clany, you’re absolut right. One of my Friend self DVD- and CD-Accessoires and he told me about the problem, that every charge of Disks with same Brand has an other Mediacode.

I’m lucky, cause now i will test some other brands he has.

After that, best experiences so far, i’ve made with RITEKG03 (DVD-R, no bad media produced with 30 Tries) and RICOHJPNR01 (DVD+R), burned with 8x Speed (tried 5 times, no bad).

Therefor i think, best of all are RitekG03/G04 and Ricoh/JPNR-Brands.