Problems with optical drive

I currently face this problem with with DVD RW drive on a laptop.

I used an anti-piracy protected CD ( EMI, Cold Play, Speed of Sound ) and did a cut paste from the application running the music on to my hard disk. I had no idea what anti-piracy CD did back then.


  1. All my region 1 DVD’s still play on my DVD drive which is set to region 1

  2. I cannot view or play files from any CD containing data or photos or audio( these are ones it could access earlier).They just don’t show up in the file listing(blank).The drive makes some noicy accesses to the disc and then just stops accessing the drive. When I access the drive from the command prompt it says ‘drive not ready’.

  3. I noticed some distortion in the sound and restrored my laptop to a ‘last known good config’ as well as did a complete ‘recovery’ of my C drive using mfg provided recovery tool. The sound is back to normal.

I’ve tried the ‘rootkitrevealer’ with no luck. This seems like a good forum to ask this question. Do you think I have a problem because of a rootkit ? OR is it that my DVD RW drive has got a problem ? What can I do to get over it ?

Thank you for your time.