Problems with opening saved projects


Anyone else having trouble with opening saved project-files with DVDRemakePro? Seems as if project-files opens more quickly than before with the newest version(s), but much more likely to crash the program when doing so. Is it only me (and my setup) - or ? It doesn’t happen every time, but way too often. Maybe linked to the DVD’s I am trying to remake, but still - I never struggled with this before.

There was a fix for opening saved projects in previous versions for 3.5. Did you try that? If you change anything to the source, even moving to a different directory, the saved project would be invalid. The import speedup has been improved. I experience crashes in 3.5 sometimes but it’s not reproducible. So it’s a good idea to save your work every now and then. But if you can reproduce it, please report and the steps you did, more or less, to get it to happen.

I am running DvdReMakePro 3.5 now. I have had several crashes with this version - seems to be related to some of the dvd’s I am trying to remake and happens every time I am trying to open those saved projects. Has nothing to do with moving source files or similar. If you do that (i.e. move source files) you get a couple of dialogue windows type “…files is not found. Would you like to browse for its new location?” and “Error loading project”. This is not what happens to me.

The type of crashes I experience is the “classical” XP-dialogue window “DvdReMake Pro Application has encountered a problem and needs to close…” Button1: Send Error Report? Button2: Dont send.

And as I cannot open the project files for the dvd’s which are struck by this problem, saving the project does not help of course.

There is not any steps to be reported, I import a certain dvd into DvdRemake, save it as a project (no modifications, no moving of files), close the DvdRemake application, start the program again, opens the saved project and DVDRemake crashes. Most dvds work fine, some dvds make the application crash. And that happens every time I try to open a project made from those dvds.

What are the names (include region) of some dvds that crash? What software did you use to rip them? Do you own previous versions of DvdRemakePro? If so, would you try it and see what happens?

Have now imported one of the “difficult” dvd’s into both DVDremake v3.4.1 and v3.4.2, saved the dvd without any modifications as a project and closed the project. No problems whatsoever when trying to open the project again with v3.4.1 and v. 3.4.2.

Tried to do the same once more with the current version (3.5). DVDremakePro then crashes again - as before.

This has happened with several dvd’s. For these latest tests, I have only tested the same ripped dvd. The dvd was ripped with latest version of SlySoftanydvd, dvds in my case are (almost) always region2.

I can give you one or more dvd-titles where DvdRemakePro 3.5 crashes on me, but I would prefer to mail the name of the titles to you if you give me a (temporary?) email-address.

Thanks for testing. You can give some of the title names in the PM. What version of AnyDVD would this be?