Problems with OEM NEC

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-2100AD. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Ok… using this site I realized the 2100 wouldnt burn to DVD-R discs. Therefore I flashed it to a ND2510A using 2.18 TDB Windows flasher. Now the error message is no longer “no medium” which is cool but now I get the error message “A write error occurred. Bad request, cannot format medium - incompatible medium” Any advise? The blank DVD is an Imation DVD-R 16x, is this a problem with the drive still or is it just the wrong format disc. Thanks.

I once had the 2510, excellent burner, made some of the best +RDL discs I’ve seen. It been a while, but I’d have to guess that the discs that you are using are much much newer than what the 2510 is programed to support. You can check the “MID” code of your blank disc by using nero cd dvd speed 2000, under the info tab. After you find the mid code, you can then compare to what the supported codes that are available in the firmware for the 2510. Do this with “MCSE” media code speed edit, by the all mighty Ala42. There maybe the ability to change or add (or replace) a MID code that already exists to allow the drive the support your blank media. For example you might be able to take the MID identifer from your blank disc and put that in place for the “T02” mid code (which is the code for the well known taiyo yuden media).

I took everyones advice and reflashed my HP OEM NEC ND-2100AD drive so that it is now a ND2510A drive. Some progress but not quite there yet. Instead of getting a “no media” message… I get “A write error occurred. Bad request cannot format medium. Incompatible medium.” Is this a problem with the newly flashed 2510 drive or my Imation DVD-R 8x discs? How can I resolve this. Thanks!!!

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@rocket61 - as Imkidd57 mentioned in your (closed) thread in the Burners forum, crossposting is against forum rules. Let’s keep everything in this thread please. :wink:


Did you crossflash from 2100 to 2500 - [B]then[/B] cross flash from 2500 to 2510??

Or did you crossflash directly from 2100 to 2510-eh??

I crossflashed directly to 2510…was this wrong? Whats the solution? I am new to all this burning DVD stuff. Spent most of my life programming and designing databases. Now its time for fun and with all the different formats and stuff it seems a whole lot more complicated. Anyway… any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yo rocket61-

The correct proceedure was to go from 2100 to 2500 - [I]then[/I] go from 2500 to 2510 - which worked ([B][I]4[/I][/B] years ago) - [B][I][U]not[/U][/I][/B] well most of the time-

Suggestion - bin the 2100 with bad flash and buy a current drive - like the LiteOn 20A4P or the Optiarc 7200A at less than $30 shipped - you will have a burner that will play/burn all current medias at a very reasonable cost-

Also - suggest using quality media such as Taiyo Yuden and/or Verbatim - (the Imation isn’t very good stuffs)-eh!!