Problems with NVE3, what could be culprit?

I originally thought my burner was faulty (LG 4082B), but I decided to give reinstalling Nero a try. I did a clean reinstall and tried it again, success! :slight_smile: My settings were 2x write and burn-at-once off.

So when I thought everything was fine again, I went to burn another video, this time at 2.4x write and burn-at-once on. Now I get the same error message that I had before I uninstalled Nero, :frowning: it says:
Unable to Create Disc Structure.

Could the culprit be the burn-at-once? or could it still be the drive?

Are you able to create an image file of your project? Try recording to an NRG file first and then burning it with Nero Burning ROM.
Be sure to update your NeroVision Express installation (the latest version is There is also a patch for NVE you should apply that solves transcoding problems.