Problems with NuTech DW-082 DVD-R/W Burner

Ok, I’m using a Nutech DDW-082 DVD-R/W Burner with B377 rev. firmware, and lately, while it recognizes and plays DVDs (regular, R, RW) fine, it won’t recognize any CDs anymore. It doesn’t matter if it’s and officially pressed CD, CD-R, or CD-RW (and i’ve tried several brands and types of all), it just won’t read it.

Any ideas how to fix this? Is it possible to re-flash the firmware that came with the drive, and would that fix it?

(Also, Apologies, but I first posted this question in the general hardware forum, before discovering this was the proper outlet for this question)

If your motherboard uses nForce chipset and you are using nForce IDE driver, try to change it back to MS IDE driver.

No i have an ECS K7S5A mobo. Should I try flashing back the firmware, or what?

Please searching NU-related threads in this forum. You’ll see many many like-wise problems. NU may suddenly stop reading/burning CDs, no matter NU 061/081/082. I suggest you return or RMA 082 immediately.

Yes, you’ll discover that I was once a unlucky owner of NU 081. I am using BenQ 800A now instead.