Problems with New Version of SecuROM

For those who are not aware, Sony released a new version of SecuROM on 7/15/2002. I am only certain of it’s use in one game - which is Neverwinter Nights, specifically version 1.21.

 With the Play Disc properly copied in CloneCD, the copy is recognized as the Original by the earlier version of SecuROM (NWN v1.20 and earlier).  However, the new version (used in NWN v1.21) does not recognize the copy as an Original.  The actual Original works fine - but somehow, it is able to determine that the CloneCD copy is in fact a copy.

 Does anyone know what Sony did to accomplish this?  Since the actual Original works fine, obviously the new code is looking at something it didn't use to - something that CloneCD was/is not able to properly copy.  I'm very curious as to what this is - and more importantly, how to bypass it.

 I, and many others, have tried many variations within CloneCD.  AWS on/off, Data Regeneration on/off, etc...  Nothing I've tried works with the new version.

 Any knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated.



Are you playing the copy in a CD-RW drive? Because if so Sony might have added an ATIP check like Macrovision did to it’s later versions of SafeDisc 2.

:slight_smile: Nope. DVD-ROM. I’d feel pretty silly if I made that mistake. :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Cumulous
For those who are not aware, Sony released a new version of SecuROM on 7/15/2002. The actual Original works fine
Not in all cases, there are many, many orginals that do not work. Some have worked around it by enabling Hide CD-R Media for the original but it is not successful in all cases. SecuROM have obviously targeted the Hide function and cocked it up in a big way; remember, too, that SecuROM did not inform the game developer of the code change either ROFLMFAO, so include the authors in your statement “For those who are not aware…” LOLOLOLOL

:slight_smile: Forgive me, FutureProof. Let me be clearer. If you’re one of the more fortunate ones - the Original CD will still be correctly verified by the new version of SecuROM. But the new version is somehow able to tell that CloneCD copies are indeed copies. :slight_smile:

 I don't suppose you have any idea of what is going on behind the scenes, and how to bypass it?

 On an aside, Bioware must not be having a good week.  :)


I made image with clone burnt it with mate. It worked till new patch.
now I use Fantom or original play disk only ( darn thing ) I use LG 8160B for image and bern and if you use the old exe trick win you log in for multy play you can only join old patch games so it is not an answer ether. Plus it asks you to update every time also! As I stated before to play from Fantom CD I must hit update every time then I can hit play and it works fine with thare new patch ( darn thing ).

I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but a user posted a message on FantomCD’s Forum that explains how the new version of SecuROM works. I have not verified this - but I thought it might be handy information, if there is any truth in it.

The post is as follows:

The Securom update to 1.21 makes use of a Software check Blacklist.

Fantom CD
CD Mate

And many more 1:1 RAW copy programs are blacklisted in the new 1.21 Securom protection.
It is not even making use of subchannel data anymore, but checks for specific writing
patterns in bad sectors wich every 1:1 copy program handles in a different way. The one
copy program places patterns like 55 55 00 55 55 00, and an other uses patterns like
40 00 40 00 80 00 80 00 and so on to write the bad sectors on CD-R and thats exactly
what the new securom 1.21 is making use of to determan if one of the 1:1 copy programs
was used. If it finds a now’n bad sector pattern it will stop further execution of the program.
All now’n 1:1 Copy programs are blacklisted in this new protection sheme.

Great move SONY (Securom 1.21) i gues the next move is up to the Copy program makers now.
So Fantom CD it would be a good idea to come up whit a solution to write bad sectors RAW as the
appear on the original CD-Rom. If you take a closer look at the bad sectors on any given CD-Rom
in audio mode you’ll see lots of rubbish instead of regular patterns on these sectors. My opinion is that
the new Securom 1.21 is making use of these differences in any kind.

I hope this is helpful. Can anyone verify this information?


I can certainly verify this information… if SecuROM works as I think it does.

A long time ago, when researching new methods, I noted that bad sectors from a “LaserLock” disc and bad sectors from a “SafeDisc” disc had different read times.

Clone took far longer on “LaserLock” sectors than “SafeDisc” sectors.

Yet on the copy, the bad sectors on the LaserLock copied disc took the same time to read as the SafeDisc copied disc.

It obviously can’t read the patterns exactly because otherwise it wouldn’t fail on some readers, which is why I think it is a timing thing.

Perhaps SecuROM does a timing to compare different sectors?

Yes… this this is just another theory of mine and probably wrong… but as I said before worth a try?

I didn’t think that there are any bad sectors in a securerom disc.
I thought securom was a subchannel only protection.
Am I mistaken?

Originally posted by KinDav
I didn’t think that there are any bad sectors in a securerom disc.
I thought securom was a subchannel only protection.
Am I mistaken?

No, you’re correct. There are no bad sectors on securerom cds, and prior to NWN v. 1.21 the protection was sub-channel + atip check. Problem is that no-one yet knows how protection on NWN v. 1.21 works.

Sorry… my mistake.