Problems with new Plextor PX-800A?

I have just bought af new Plextor PX-800A (I live in Europe, Denmark). Now, I choose this brand because I of the understanding I had of Plextor quality. That one should not really question the quality of Plextor - that it is superior to everything else :slight_smile:

And now I learn it is a “rebadge”. What does this mean exactly? That it is not a true plextor drive?

I have severe problems with my px-800a. I can burn on new empty media (tried with Verbatim DVD+RW 8x, and HP DVD+R 16x), but reading them after burning is not working at all. The drive simply reports no media is inserted.

It cannot read burned media at all, not even media burned earlier in an LG burner. Normal “printed” media is not a problem it seems, like the accompanying cd for instance.

Anyone got any ideas? Was this a bad choice in dvd-burners?

Regards, Intel4004
Found this, hope it helps

Same Problem Here:
Just bought the drive and have successfully written on Verbatim, Memorex and Philips single and dual layers.

However, I’m unable to read most of disks previously written on this writer or on LG and Pioneer. That is one out of 10 works magically and others are simply not detected or detected as CD and are not read.

I have tried exploring the disks and accessing them through PlexTools all in vain.
Also tried changing IDE cable and disabling CD/DVD as the first boot device in the BIOS. That’s all I could think of.

I have read here that it is a rebrand of Optiarc BUT I did not find any info on similar errors in Optiarc drives…

Please help!

New info: just spent half a day on this and found that all -R media (DVD or CD) that I had the drive was reading fine. BUT it reads selectively some of the +R media(one out of 10 disks DVD or CD) The funny thing that it cannot read the media it has written just before with no problems.

UPDATE: I have contacted Plextor and after a short discussion tech support lady was convinced that the reading module is bad.

However, the tech support lady has provided a useful info: it is possible that the drive exhibits reading/writing issues when connected to a small power supply or when PSU is not capable of keeping up with the system. It seems like PX-800A is quite sensitive when we talk about fluctuations in the power, specifically when it reads/detects the media in the drive.

In my case, it was not an issue because I have Titan 550 box with original 550W power supply from Antec and my system does not use even half of the juice available from PSU.

Any how, I will keep you updating on the issue when I receive a new unit from the seller.